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Moving from 71.30 to 80.10 - two problems left

Question asked by Alexander (HEAD IT) Meleshkin on Jun 20, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2018 by Duane Toler

I've made a clean install of GAiA R80.10 on new hardware (OpenServer), manually create all network objects, groups, services, rules and so on. After two unsuccessful attemps of switching servers I need to solve two problems.


First: I cannot send/receive emails trought firewall.

I have rules with smtp resource using match patterns to filter nonexisting addresses (up to 90% of incoming traffic)

Firewall accept emails from external senders but don't forward them to internal mail server (stated inside smtp resource):

Log shows "Connect to final MTA failed" (what a strange interface - MTA?)

I defined a new rule (100) allowing Any source to internal mail server but this rule works only in short period of time (about 10s) while policies is installing on the gateway (using correct interface - eth2):

What I'm doing wrong?


Second problem: snmp-read

I have rule allowing Nagios server to send snmp read requests to the group of servers (external and in DMZ). Logs show everything is fine:

In real life requests to the external servers works fine but to DMZ (192.168.25.*) - timeout.