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Major rule-base performance improvements in latest R80.10 Jumbo Hotfix

Discussion created by Tomer Sole Expert on Jun 19, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2018 by Gianluca Giordano

Download the latest SmartConsole package - at the moment this is build 042 and the Security Management Server that fit Take_112.



  • As you drag the scrollbar of a large rule set - the position of the rule you are expected to land on appears without the need to release the mouse.

  • When you hit the up/down arrow of the scrollbar, the delta change feels more natural (see: R77 Firewall experience, and not R77 Application Control experience) 

  • Closing and opening SmartConsole fetches the rule set of the last seen policy in a faster way, effectively reducing the waiting time before seeing the policy on the screen.


If you have a large policy - you will likely notice the change. We encourage you to get the latest R80.10 Jumbo Hotfix


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