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Limit of concurrent connections

Question asked by Enis Dunic on Jun 17, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2018 by Kaspars Zibarts

During heavy load on your firewall busiest periods you can get connection failures I read. As mentioned in other threads on this community you can run this command to see if your firewall reached the limit:

fw tab -t connections -s


But default on new installations og Gaia it's not configured a limit nmber of concurrent connections. On your firewall object in SmartConsole it's set to automatically:



So my question is what is the limit actually set to then? My gateway has 16GB of RAM. Output of the above command:

I see that since boot up that the peak was at 21394 concurrent connections. But since I actually don't know the limit and if this is low or high what do I get out of this command? How do I know if new connections were dropped (not from firewall policy) because firewall could not keep track of the new connection?