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Upgrading Endpoint clients using SCCM

Question asked by Dan Roddy on Jun 14, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2018 by Dan Roddy

I need to upgrade our endpoint clients from E80.70 to E80.82 using SCCM and we are having problems with the uninstall of the old version.  


Here is the syntax from the SCCM Install Behavior..Specify the command to uninstall this application:


msiexec /x {D4DE00A5-606C-414A-B712-8B85682C0E40} /qn UNINST_PASSWORD=********


Here is the command to install:


msiexec /i "EPS.msi" /q


Product code is: {D4DE00A5-606C-414A-B712-8B85682C0E40}


Note: We have no problems installing any version using the above install command via SCCM..


Thanks for any ideas!