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Azure Site to Site VPN issue. Connection seems to be ok but ping/telnet is not working

Discussion created by Andres Romero on Jun 12, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2018 by Houssameddine Zeghlache

Hi experts,


We have set up a S2S VPN between azure and a Checkpoint cluster 5400 R77.30 and it seems to be working, since on the azure side as well on the checkpoint side it appears connected. 


As you can see in the image, even that it is connected, Azure only show Data out, which is weird since it seems that Checkpoint is not routing the traffic property. 


This is confirmed when we try to ping on both sides (ping and telnet are enabled). On the customer side, a traceroute shows that the traffic is not routing properly. 


The checkpoint cluster is conformed by the (which is the ip that is routing the traffic) and the (which is the IP that we match on the local network gateway to peer with azure). 


The weirdest thing is that on the checkpoint side, traffic seems to be passing. 

Is there anything that we are missing on the set up?


Thanks in advance,