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Bluetooth Driver Confict with Endpoint.

Question asked by Danny Olson on Jun 11, 2018
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I am trying to pair a Phillips Heartstart MRX device to a Panasonic Toughbook cf-19, running windows 10, and endpoint 80.82. I have a third party bluetooth driver installed, due to the increased security settings in windows 10 and bluetooth sharing. The MRX is very old school, and they are no longer making them anymore. The MRX is the device that initiates the connection to the laptop, and sends a passcode to it. you get a prompt like you should, but the area when you can input the passcode, is simply stripped out. Media and Port Encryption is 100% not enabled in the application, but it still should be active at the driver level, and there in lies the possible problem. I don't think i am going to find much documentation on this. Does anyone know if this would be supported? I have not tested to confirm, but i believe this could work with windows 7 using the native bluetooth drivers, which does have the sharing built in. to block the connection is one thing, but to strip out a passcode like this, suggests to me that this is not supported, or there is a conflict/incompatibility of some kind. We have compliance, full sandblast suite, FDE, and anti-malware enable. Without the Checkpoint software installed, this does work as expected. My plan forward is as follows.


upgrade to E80.83

I already disabled the FDE blade. no change.

I am going to continue with this path, and disable each blade one by one in the policy (since in deployment if i disable sandblast, it shuts them all down at once, and see if it works.Then i guess i can also go to disable the blade in deployment as well, if the no policy idea does the trick. This would allow me to find the problem active blade, if it exists. If not, I am going to find out what driver is being used, and push this up to CP TAC and or R&D. I will probably have to engage them in either case. Anyone else have any thoughts/Ideas?


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