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SMB 770 default route not via WAN interface

Question asked by Philip W on Jun 8, 2018
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I'm having trouble setting the default gateway behind another interface but the WAN on my SMB.



For our customer's SMB 770 installation I need to use the following interface config:


LAN1: fixed IP + by default traffic needs to be routed this way

LAN2: fixed IP


I configured the following:

1) Internet1 = DHCP, but without "route traffic through this interface by default"

2) LAN2: no issue there, it's just a LAN interface with a connected network


And tried adding the default gateway via LAN1:

1) Configured LAN1 IP in the WebUI (but I'd need to add the default route, which does not accept

2) Next I tried adding interface IP and GW via CLI:

set interface LAN1 ipv4-address x.x.x.x mask-length 24 default-gw x.x.x.y

Should be simple, but this returns the error "Failed to find the requested interface"


What am I missing here?