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".ica extension is blocked by Sandblast agent"

Question asked by CHINMAYA NAIK on Jun 8, 2018
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Hey everyone this is my first question on Checkmates.


Regarding Sandblast Agent issue.


I have R77.30 MGMT open server where Endpoint server is there. we using E80.81 client package.

The issue is that  ".ica extension is blocked by Sandblast agent"

As we see that by using Sandblast Agent extension we can able to add any extension in exclusion or bypass any extension so we see that current sandblast agent is centrally managed so we cant find the "setting option" in the existing sandblast agent extension so we install the new extension (sandblast agent) from Chrome.

After that, we would able to add the exclusion in the setting.(Cloud API key is required  so we add the  API key as well )

Now both extension is reflected in chrome browser.

But the issue is that after enable the new extension we unable to access any websites so we disable and try after that we able to access the websites.


But the question is that even though If we able to achieve the goal like, able to bypass the .ica extension related file but that new sandblast agent extension is not centrally managed so any user can able to bypass or block the file type for emulation.


So please help that why websites is unable to access after enabling the new sandblast agent extension and how we can centrally be managed the new sandblast agent extension.  

and also is there any other solution is available to bypass the .ica extension to download this type of file.(NOTE: we used only checkpoint for Endpoint protection)


@Chinmaya Naik