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mds_setup fails to create a configuration export file for Primary MDS

Question asked by RAGHU K on Jun 7, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2018 by RAGHU K

Hi! All,


Am facing an issue with generating the Primary MDS configuration export file using mds_setup utility (from R77.20 to R77.30 using R77.30 migration tools) . It's taking me around 5 Hours to finish and with an error message stating:





Creating final export file /var/log/exported_mds.7jun2018.tgz


Error: Error creating file

Cleaning temporary workspace /var/log/temp_worksapce

Failed to export Multi-Domain Server Database


A log file was created: /opt/CPInstLog/mds_setup_06_07_22_41.log





If i try to open the log file created i can able to see the below message only:
starting session at Thu Jun  7 22:41:07 SGT 2018
Removing execution permissions of /opt/CPmds-R77/scripts/mdsstart
Removing execution permissions of /opt/CPmds-R77/scripts/mdsstart_customer
Checking for installed components. This may take a few seconds.
Please wait...
mds_setup has detected that your system has:
Multi-Domain Security Management R77.20 installed
Please choose one of the following:
(1) Remove current installation and reinstall
(2) Backup current Multi-Domain Server
(3) Export current Multi-Domain Server
    Or 'Q' to quit.
Please enter your choice:
Warning: If current export is used by cma_restore, refer to sk95227 for further instructions.
*** Proceeding with the export ...
Please download the appropriate migrate tools for Linux from the Support Center.
Navigate to the Multi-Domain Management/Provider-1 page,
choose the Downloads tab, and select the version to which you will import.
Enter location of downloaded file (or q to quit):
Failed to export Multi-Domain Server database
A log file was created: /opt/CPInstLog/mds_setup_06_07_22_41.log
ExitTrap> Restoring execution permissions of /opt/CPmds-R77/scripts/mdsstart
ExitTrap> Restoring execution permissions of /opt/CPmds-R77/scripts/mdsstart_customer



I don't think this issue is because of free space concern, as i have root and /var/log/ partition with 100GB & 180 GB free space.