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Route Based VPN on one side and Domain Based VPN on other

Question asked by Serhii Yaholnytskyi on Jun 6, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2018 by Timothy Hall

I have to configure site to site VPN between CIsco and CheckPoint. The problem is that this is R77.30 gateway and I cannot upgrade to R80.10 as we have SandBlast Agents and only one management server can be installed. There is a limitation in R77.30: CoreXL does not support Route Based VPN. So the only way is domain based VPN. But it is very uncomfortable in CISCO router to configure Crypto Map for our topology. I decided to configure Route Based VPN on Cisco and Domain Based VPN on CheckPoint. I have tried it in my lab and it seems like it works. Is it strange that it works or it does not matter what kind of VPN is configured on sites? Have anybody configured VPN in such way? What problems can I meet in production environment?