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How to access a VPN via NAT?

Question asked by Robert Gordon on Jun 5, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2018 by Houssameddine Zeghlache

I have an existing IPSec VPN from our R77.30 firewall over the Internet to a third-party firewall at the other end. Behind our firewall my users are on a private network. They connect to the other end via a proxy server located on one of our firewall network segments. All this working just fine.


Now we have a request for a new application that cannot be configured to go via a proxy, so has to be natted to an address on the firewall i.e. desktop -> firewall NAT -> VPN destination. I have tried many approaches and nothing works. The translation takes place ok but is not routed through the VPN. Note that our internal network is fully private and cannot route to anything other than local addresses and our firewall segments.


Any guidance & example configs appreciated.