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Remote Access VPN Reply Interface

Question asked by Hugo Frauches on Jun 4, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2018 by Konstantinos Integrator

Hello guys,


Just want to know if anyone had a problem with outgoing traffic reply for VPN Remote Access, i just found out that when you try to establish the VPN tunnel with Remote Access on checkpoint it tries to reply using the default route of the Gateway, even if you have two external interfaces it does not use the setting on IPSec link selection (Reply from the same interface) and because of this the VPN tunnel cannot be establish.


I tried to use PBR for this but it also didnt worked, and i tried to found out something related to this on support center but didnt found anything, i think this is by design.


Anyone have a clue how to solve this? I had changed the default route to the other ISP interface (The one used by VPN Remote) and it worked, but i cant let this configured becase the users use the other link for internet access.