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Standalone deployment for 12600 appliance

Question asked by Jozko Mrkvicka on Jun 2, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2018 by Jozko Mrkvicka

Hello guys,


I am facing very strange issue. We would like to test R80.10 Standalone deployment on 12600 appliance with 6 GB of RAM.

According to Release Notes R80.10 page 15 this setup is allowed.

So we have installed R80.10 Standalone deployment on this machine, including latest Take 103 on top of it.

Once we have opened SmartConsole, we noticed that we cannot change Action and Track in all rules ! There is default Action=Drop and Track=None. Once we click on any of these 2 fields, nothing happened. No option to choose anything.

Means, we cannot install policy because we cannot choose Accept in Action field.


Is this some specific bug in relation to 12600 appliance with 6 GB of RAM and Standalone deployment ?

Can someone test it, or someone else faced this kind of issue ?


I tried almost everything, including installating of old SmartConsoles, reboot, reinstall without Take, install it as Open Server. No difference.