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No logging in Logging and Monitor tab

Question asked by Maarten Lutterman on May 28, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2018 by Maximilian Schroedl



I have installed a new log-server with R80.10 and smartevent and correlation unit on it.

We are running a management HA. Added the log server to the management. SIC is working everything looks fine. Log server is receiving logs (check with Smartview Tracker). But if we use SmartConsole and go to the TAB Logging & Monitoring we get an error: 

I followed serveral SK's (40090 and 121054) Also created an SR with TAC. We tried several things Check Point asked. Clear the indexer cache files, restarted, etc.. unfortunately without succes. We just uploaded the output of a script provided by Check Point.

Is there anyone who has an idea of what this can be? 


Thx in advance!


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Maarten Lutterman