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Discussion created by peter kimani on May 24, 2018
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1. current environment has an appliance SMS  R77.30 and two 4800 series R77.30 in a cluster. and one DR gateway.

-the new environment has virtual machine for SMS ( will install R80.10) and two 5800 series R80.10 one with HA...
quiz: will i have to migrate the gateways database in the 4800 series to the new 5800 which already has R80.10. and if yes which approach , they are currently in load balancing
there is a seperate event log manager in R77.30 , will i have to migrate the log database to the new enviroment management when i export the database is there a way i can be able to also send the settings like routes , clustering etc together with the dbase there an an offline way of migrating without affecting normal processes since am using the same ip address.