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Redundant ISP on same external interface

Question asked by Hiep Bui on May 23, 2018
Latest reply on May 27, 2018 by Charris Lappas


We have 1 cluster of 2 firewalls. Each has 4 ethernet interfaces which are configured as below:

- Eth1 - Internal (trusted)

- Eth2 - Internet (untrusted)

- Eth3 - Sync (cross connect 2 FW)

- Eth4 - Mgmt

Now we want to add 1 more internet link for redundancy. I'm not sure if we need additional Ethernet port to connect to the 2nd internet link; or can we configure 2nd address on the existing Internet interface (Eth2). I made some searches and found some Checkpoint documents but steps listed there seem to be for 2 different interfaces; 1 interface is also mentioned but I'm not sure if it works in HA setup (2 firewall cluster)