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EPS: Setting Export-To-Group variable manually?

Question asked by Amir Glibic on May 23, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2018 by Martin Wolf



We want to implement an automation mechanism for our SCCM, so that new clients are set up with the proper version of CP EPS, so that they land in their respective virtual groups when connecting for the first time to MGMT.


We have differences regarding installed modules and ruleset in the different departments. Notebooks use FDE, Desktops not, Sales-NB have different FW-Policy, etc.


In "Deployment -> Packages For Export", there is the possibility to set the group that the Client should be assigned to when connecting for the first time. We have 12 different groups for deployment/ruleset. So in our case, we would need 12 different packages, which all then have to be exported and imported to SCCM. Since for all of them we only install the Base-Agent and AM-blade, all these extra work is required only because of this export-to variable.


Is there a possibility to change this group dynamically during installation?

So in that case we need to export only one installer and with SCCM the script just is adapted regarding department - e.g. "msiexec EPS.msi -group HR_Desktop".



Currently we have only one installer which is used and assigns the client to "Base-Installation". Then we have to move the client to it's group manually during the installation process. This requires the client team to call us during each new installation "could you please install blades xyz to client 123"... So it is a manual step, that causes unnecessary work and disrupts the fully automated installation process of a new PC.