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How come multiple public IP's aren't working?

Question asked by Tom Heesmans on May 19, 2018
Latest reply on May 20, 2018 by Tom Heesmans

I have a 2 units in a cluster with 3 public IP's. 1 on each member and a cluster IP. I'm using R80.10.


The IP range is a /28 so I've added the IP's as a /28. However I'm unable to connect to another IP in the same range from the internet to internal .I've setup my NAT rules and to test if the ISP is routing everything correctly, I've also setup a NAT rule from internal to external using the same public IP that I'm trying to connect to. All is working fine.


When adding the public IP as an alias on the interface it starts working, however an alias is not supported on ClusterXL is what I'm reading in sk89980.

Also when I add the additional IP as an alias on the second unit all the connection from internet to internal will stop working after a few hours. My guess: ARP entry in the modem, everything starts working again when I remove the alias from the second unit. However if I leave it this way it isn't fully HA right?

I've enabled vmac but same issue remains.


So in short, my questions are:

- Why can't I just connect to the additional public IP's from my subnet when I using the /28 on my WAN interface?

- How can I get this setup to remain stable and still be HA?