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AWS CloudGuard Multiple Static NAT rules

Question asked by Roy Long on May 17, 2018
Latest reply on May 25, 2018 by Vladimir Yakovlev

All, please assist with this.


I am about 90% there with my CloudGuard configuration and seem to be stuck at the last hurdle.


Here's what I have and I am sure it's something straight forward for one of the Gurus on here.


Internal network - private

External network - public

Checkpoint eth0 has primary and secondary IPs &

each has an EIP (elastic IP address) associated with it.

Checkpoint has eth1 assigned single IP address in private


Route tables are set:

Public through the AWS Internet Gateway

Private through eth1 of Checkpoint


I have Hide behind Gateway set as NAT for Checkpoint gateway object


I have a manual static NAT rule for an internal Host 10.99.1.x to NAT to a cloned host object with the secondary EIP (which is assigned to eth0 of checkpoint) set as the translate address.

I have an opposite rule for translate back from Public secondary IP to internal host set.


I have a policy rule which Accepts traffic from the secondary external IP address to Any.


When I delete the NAT rule I can access the internet from the internal host (NATed through the Gateway Public IP address).  With the Static NAT rule active it's not returning anything, although I see the traffic from the internal host hitting the firewall and an Accept entry in the Log - just nothing seems to come back.


What have I missed?


Best regards,