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Dropping VPN package

Question asked by Kristian Nyquist on May 16, 2018
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I have configured a VPN tunnel between a 1430 and my central checkpoint Firewall (R80.10).

The VPN tunnel is connected but the test packed towards is blocked.



In the fw monitor i get the following


[vs_0][fw_0] eth1:i[68]: -> (UDP) len=68 id=21028
UDP: 58832 -> 53
[vs_0][fw_0] eth1:i[68]: -> (UDP) len=68 id=21029
UDP: 58832 -> 53
[vs_0][fw_0] eth1:i[65]: -> (UDP) len=65 id=21030
UDP: 42110 -> 53
[vs_0][fw_1] eth1:i[68]: -> (UDP) len=68 id=21031
UDP: 58832 -> 53


What policy is it that I need to make changes to?


The 1430 is configured as a Interoperable Device  with a fixed IP number of the WAN interface my 4G connection, in the topology i am using the same IP on the External network .