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Automatically created networks in Smartconsole

Question asked by Maarten Sjouw on May 16, 2018
Latest reply on May 18, 2018 by Markus Marquardt

While working on a new customer setup I ran into something I did see before but did not really look into last time.

When you build a new FW and you have a number of static routes defined on that box, SmartConsole will collect those routes and add those routes as networks in the interface group for Anti-Spoffing, so far so good.

While building the rulebase, the boxes were staged and shipped half way around the world, I ran into the issue that when I tried to create a network that was created automagically, it started nagging it already existed.

Ok, then where is it?

Opening the Object Explorer and searching for the network, it shows the group it is in, but it does not show the network object itself, opening that group shows the networks, that are added based on the routes, searching with the notation Net_10.10.10.0 nothing is shown.

Also searching at the righthand side does not show the networks.