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Recommended Smart Event Deployment?

Question asked by Danny Olson on May 8, 2018
Latest reply on May 8, 2018 by Alejandro Montoya



Does anyone know with R80.10 that the recommended deployment is for smartevent is to separate everything out? 


I have a Manager on a dell R730 server running R80.10 take 91. 4TB log partition RAID 10, with 10K SAS drives. for the OS i have 15K SAS drives in a raid 1 for the OS to keep it separate. Also, have dual 12 core CPU's and 128 GB of RAM. We average 4-5 GB of logs per day. maybe 500-100 pps of traffic coming to the box. the performance of the box is great. no real bottleneck anywhere to this point. Small to Mid-Size enterprise, around 1500 users. not going to change dramatically anytime soon. 


I also have a smart event server running R77.30 running on a physical server as well. I want to get Smart Event R80.10, and leave this server running in parallel as i do it. I tried to p2v the box, but apparently CheckPoint does not play nice with that process. I was thinking of adding smartevent server and correlation unit to the dell server. I would think that it should have plenty of horsepower to do this. I could also bulid a new VM, and then set it up, migrate the events to it. Then when ready, install R80.10 on the other physical server, and then move migrate the events back it, but that seems like a lot of work. 


Long of the short, with all everything being unified and all with R80.10, is it blessed by CP to install everything on one box? anyone see any real issues with this? I know back in the day, it was not a "blessed",but definitely supported config.