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VSX VSLS versus

Question asked by Brad Case on May 7, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2018 by Phillip Runner

Hey Guys,


This is a general question in regards to VSX deployment with VSLS versus VSX  deployment with HA,


If I have VSX deployed in a cluster of 4 gateways running in HA mode,would there be 1 member holding all the active VSI's, and the other three members in the Standby state?  Will the other three members be in an actual standby state actively receiving Sync traffic? 

This is noted in the admin guide for R80.10:


When the convert_cluster command finishes, there should be only one active member on which all Virtual Systems are in the active state, and one standby member on which all Virtual Devices are in the standby state. Any additional members should be in standby mode and their Virtual Devices in the down state.


This makes me think that there is only really one standby gateway in a cluster that consists of more than 2 gateways.