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R80.10 Migration Uniqueness name problem

Question asked by Lluis Sole on May 8, 2018
Latest reply on May 14, 2018 by Lluis Sole

Just finished to import my policy and configuration from R77.10 to a new Management R80.10.

Some uniqueness name errors apeared and all of them could be solved until this one:

One of the node names in the Checkpoint FW object is "fw1" like the service "FW1" (port 256), neither of them allow me to change his names.

Service it seems to be read only ... and I suspect that changing node name isnt an option in the Management.


There is a way to solve this?




UPDATE: As described in sk40179 FW1 or fw1 are reserved names...

The solution is to change the cluster node object resetting the SIC.

I'm thinking to change predefined service name FW1 using dbedit...  some advice about it?


dbedit> print services FW1


Object Name: FW1
Object UID: {97AEB388-9AEA-11D5-BD16-0090272CCB30}
Class Name: tcp_service
Table Name: services
Last Modified by: System
Last Modified from: localhost
Last Modification time: Mon May  7 13:03:06 2018
Fields Details
    aggressive_aging_timeout: 600
    color: firebrick
    comments: Check Point Security Gateway Service
    default_aggressive_aging_timeout: 0
    delayed_sync_value: 30
    enable_aggressive_aging: true
    enable_tcp_resource: false
    etm_enabled: false
    has_detect: false
    include_in_any: true
    inspect_streaming: NULL
    is_default_aggressive_timeout: true
    port: 256
    prohibit_aggressive_aging: false
    proto_type: NULL
    reload_proof: false
    service_port_type: customize
    spoofed_rst_detect: true
    sync_on_cluster: true
    timeout: 3600
    type: Tcp
    unified_streaming: NULL
    updated_by_sd: false
    use_default_session_timeout: true
    use_delayed_sync: false