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Show configuration scripts VSX

Question asked by Nicolas Bernier on May 7, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2018 by Niels van Sluis



I did build a bash script to automaticaly parse the config of our virtual-system each week and backup them. We have about 10 VSs total.


When doing the show configuration, I only seems to get the config from VS0 regardless of the "vsenv" I set. I know this becose the IPs are always the same and one of the VS do have BGP config and it is not showing up. I also know this becose I did compare each file ouput and they are the same.


Is there another way to show the total config of the virtual-system and put it in a file ?


The script is used in Expert mode and execute by a crontab once a week and the lines responsible for parsing the config is the following :


         clish -c "show configuration" > "$TARGET_FILE"_$i".txt"


Here loop that is doing the config parse :

   where $i is the number of vs and $TARGER_FILE.ERROR is my debug file for error in the script


while [ $i != -1 ] && [ ! -f $TARGET_FILE.ERROR ];do
vsenv $i
      clish -c "show configuration" > "$TARGET_FILE"_$i".txt"



Thanks for the help !