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Aruba Clear Pass Integration - API

Discussion created by Jason Carrillo on Apr 27, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2019 by Jason Carrillo

We are trying to leverage the R80.10 web API to integrate our Check Point gateways with Aruba Clear Pass. We are having a heckuva time getting it to work reliably, which is kind of maddening because you would think a POST from a server to the gateway would be the most efficient and reliable way to achieve this over AD Query and RADIUS Accounting. 


What we are seeing is the Aruba server failing to send the POST messages to the gateways in a reliable manner. We've turned off IPv6, we've turned off machine authentication, and it still doesn't work right. It will work sometimes, then other times just fail altogether. 


If you have had luck with this integration and wouldn't mind sharing some tips, places to look, or troubleshooting steps, it would be much appreciated. We have tickets open with Aruba TAC and their engineering team, but they seem as confused as we are.