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VSX High Availability + OSPF

Question asked by Boris Uskov on Apr 26, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2018 by Boris Uskov

Hello, team.


I'm trying to configure ospf on VSX Cluster in HA mode.

I need to make OSPF adjacency with external system over Wrap link and checkpoint virtual switch.

GAIA version is r77.30.


The problem is that it seems, that OSPF process does not go up on wrp interface.

My configuration:

GW01:0> show configuration ospf
show instance 0 configuration ospf
set ospf area backbone on
set ospf interface wrp2 area backbone on
set ospf interface wrp2 priority 1
set ospf area backbone range on


GW01:0> show ospf
show instance 0 ospf

OSPF Router with ID Instance default

SPF schedule delay: 2 secs
Hold time between two SPFs: 5 secs
Number of Areas in this router: 1
Normal: 1 Stub: 0 NSSA: 0
RFC1583 compability mode is on
Number of Virtual Links in this router: 0
Number of UpEvents: 0 Number of DownEvents: 0
Default ASE Cost: 1
Default ASE Type: 1


Number of Interfaces in this area: 0
Number of ABRs: 0 Number of ASBRs: 0
Number of times SPF Algorithm executed: 1
Area ranges are: Advertise,Passive
No Area Stubnets Configured


GW01:0> show ospf interfaces
show instance 0 ospf interfaces



What I am missing?

Thanks in advance.