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Resize Checkpoint VM in Azure

Question asked by Alex Fray on Apr 25, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2018 by Alex Fray

We are running a R77.30 Cluster in Azure on two D2v2 virtual machines (2 core, 7GB ram). The VPN traffic volume has naturally increased as we have moved applications to Azure and we are getting to a point where we may need to increase the VM size to cope with the additional VPN load. Firstly, will more cores and RAM help provide more VPN throughput by spreading the load across more cores?


If so, I know you can re-size Windows virtual machines in Azure easily. Is it supported to re-size a Checkpoint VM in Azure? So from a D2v2 (2 core, 7GB ram) to a D3v2 (4 core, 14GB ram). I have available vsec licenses for the additional cores so licensing is not an issue. If it is supported is it literally re-size the VM in Azure portal and reboot or is there any other Checkpoint considerations? for example CoreXL?