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Pinging nonexistent object

Question asked by Serhii Yaholnytskyi on Apr 20, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2018 by Günther W. Albrecht

In Smartdashboard I have created an object with IP address which does not exist in my network. After that I have created a rule for it, where traffic from any source over any service to this object is accepted. After that i have installed policy. Then I have tried to ping from Windows desktop, for which my Checkpoint is default Gateway. Windows desktop is not at network and is connected to internal interface. And my ping was successfull. I have run tcpdump on every checkpoint interface. Echo request and echo reply packets I could see only on the internal interface (to which windows desktop is connected). I have one rule in my firewall policy that accepts all traffic. I use Gaia R77.30. What can cause such behavior? Is it possible to fix it? Or i have missed something?