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RIP on ClusterXL

Question asked by Charles Hurst on Apr 18, 2018
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Hey all,


Just playing about in my Lab and I've got two CP GW's running on ESXi with a Vswitch for the External interfaces, this then connects to a physical Cisco 3750 switch and is trunked to a Cisco 887 with a VDSL internet link. To make my life easier I configured RIPv2 and this works well in the sense my CP's have internet access without messing about with routes.


However my ClusterXL now shows that ClusterXL has a problem on the standby node:




Is the error, if I flip the cluster nodes then it goes to the other node. If I check the routes no RIP routes show on the standby node. I then thought ah maybe its because its not using the VIP so I ticked the Virtual Address box on the RIP interface setup but that just broke everything (I think I then read that is for VRRP not ClusterXL?)...


Anyone had this before, its not a game changer for my studying as my lab still works but a tad annoying.