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R80.10 MDS on HP ProLiant Gen10

Question asked by Roger De Jonckheere on Apr 18, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2018 by Roger De Jonckheere

Hi all,

I've been odering new servers for our Check Point MDS to migrate to R80.10. Unfortunaly, I missed to check the HCL first and received HP ProLiant 380 Gen10 Servers. As you can imagine, the GAiA installation process fails when trying to access the disks, which is a RAID-1 of 2x 480 GB SSDs. Has anyone managed to install GAiA on such a platform?


UEFI Boot is disabled, Hyperthreading is disabled, x2APIC is disabled and USB 3.0 you can't disable, but start the installation with the 'nousb' kernel option.