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R80.10 VSX Gateway presenting internal certicate instead of third-party one to Endpoint Security VPN Client

Question asked by Reginaldo Souza on Apr 18, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2018 by Vladimir Yakovlev

Hello guys,


I added a third-party certificate to the Gateway > IPSec VPN > "Repository of Certificates to the Gateway". Certificate is well configured and valid until 2020, no problems with the certificate itself.

I also configured GATEWAY > VPN Clints > "The gateway authenticates with this certificate" with the correct third-party certificate.

Although, the gateway is still presenting the default generated local certificate to the Endpoint Security VPN Client. When adding the site, the endpoint security complains, than, that "The site's security certificate is not trusted!".

The company security policy dictates that the third-party well signed certificate should be used.


Product version Check Point Gaia R80.10
OS build 421
OS kernel version 2.6.18-92cpx86_64
OS edition 64-bit


Any help is really appreciated!