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R80.10 MDM import

Question asked by Michael Goodwin on Apr 10, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2018 by 773f4132-ff95-3b7d-90a1-40f02093bd0b
If I'm running a R80.10 MDM, and I am onboarding a new managed customer into this environment from their already existing managment server, it seems the import process that used to work for R77.30 MDM is broken.

We used to be able to take a migrate export from the stand-alone manager and use the CMA import tools to bring this into a new domain within the MDM.

Similarly if the customer used to be on another providers MDM, they could get the migrate export from that MDM and we could import into a new domain.

Reading through the community, I see a few options about API usage, but this would require re-creation of objects which the API cannot support (gateway objects - and therefore SIC etc), so this is certainly more intense than I would like, and is nowhere near as straightforward as it was?

Is there anything I'm missing here?
What's the best practise way to onboard an existing R80.10 customer into an R80.10 MDM?