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Cannot synchronize Standby MDS (Provider-1) R77.30

Question asked by Jozko Mrkvicka on Apr 9, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2018 by Jozko Mrkvicka

Hello guys,


I would like to deploy redundant MDS (Provider-1) inside my LAB. First (Active) Multi-Domain Management Server is already up and running well (with some CMAs on it).

Now, I need to add second (standby) Multi-Domain Management Server to be synchronized with the Active one.

For that purpose, I did fresh installation of R77.30 and select Secondary MDS during First Time Wizard.


In addition, I already applied exactly the same hotfixes as on Active one, (just latest Jumbo hotfix for R77.30) so both MDSs have the same hotfixes/versions.

Both MDSs should have valid (eval) licenses.

Time and Date on both MDSs is the same.


From Active MDS I have created new Multi-Domain Server, established the SIC and now I am fighting with this strange error during synchronization process:



I noticed that CPCA is shown as DOWN :


Also the strange issue is that I even cannot connect to the secondary MDS via SmartDomain Manager, and cannot add new user, nor new GUI client:



Of course I tried reboot of both machines.


Do someone of you have some clue what is going on here ?


Thank you very much for any comment.