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730 Appliance Integration with SMP On Premisse (customer cloud)

Question asked by Tiago Marques on Apr 9, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2018 by Tiago Marques

Hi Gurus,


  I'm working in the following scenario:


  730 Appliance was already deployed, SMP On Premisse (Private at the Customer DC) installed.


  After installation I'm having difficult to integrate the 730 with this SMP. During troubleshooting I did:


  a. First test was trying integrate into the VPN. I could not and I noted the request of Cloud Services Connections flowing with IP Source originated with WAN IP to SMP (routable IP only in VPN) since must the LAN. I did configurations of request to force traffic for SMP host flow into the VPN but only Cloud Services Connections is originated with Public IP interface (and the network communications with SMP into VPN is working fine).
  b. Second test I'm having difficult to integrate without the VPN. I NATed (1:1) the SMP to the Internet with any service permitted from 730 and the integration not worked.
  c. Third test worked correctly but not as expected, I tried connect at the SMP On CP Cloud Services, it worked correctly.


  During troubleshooting I noted too that the SMP Service is down and the connection with SMP Portal is fine. So, is this services status really a problem ? How can I bring it On ?


  Did someone integrate 730 with SMP in the customer or in private cloud ? Any tip?


ps. I'm working with TAC and seeking for any thoughts that is always welcome.


Thank you so much by your attention and help.
Tiago Marques.