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TE appliance not downloading the image

Question asked by Sagar Manandhar on Apr 8, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2018 by Sagar Manandhar


I am using 1000X te appliance and it showing the error as it not been able to download the image. When i execute the "tecli advanced download images" it give the message that the daemon is not running. And "$FWDIR/log/te_file_downloader.elg " is showing no such file or directory exist . i have installed the latest hotfix take290 in the TE appliance.

Smartview monitor is showing the error "

Error: 'Threat Emulation' is not responding. Verify that 'Threat Emulation' is installed on the gateway. If 'Threat Emulation' should not be installed verify that it is not selected in the Products List of the gateway (SmartDashboard > Security Gateway > General Properties > Software Blades List).

I have not added the TE to any gateway for now. First i need to download all the images before adding it to gateway.