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SmartLog becomes slow / unusable

Question asked by Kaspars Zibarts on Apr 5, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2018 by Tomer Sole

This is a long shot and Checkpoint crew not going to like me as there is very little detail / investigation done but it's worth a try


In nutshell: our SmartLog searches occasionally become very slow so you can't even use it.

We run MLM (VM, 16 cores / 128GB / 6TB) with handful of CLMs, R80.10 take 42, log rate averaging 10k/sec.

We had a case open but that lead to nowhere (due to late response from R&D initially and then lack of time and resources on our part as it was round Xmas)

Typically MLM reboot fixes it for a while and then it comes back.

We were waiting for R80.20 which promises faster file system, but


But my colleague pointed out very interesting fact: we used Tufin a lot to do firewall changes back in December and we had a lot of SmartLog "slowness". Then we backed off from Tufin changes for a while in Feb/Mar making log search noticeably better.


Yesterday I did a batch of changes through Tufin SecureChange (9-10AM) and log search ground to halt again and we were forced to reboot MLM around 1PM.


For all I know - Tufin utilizes API to do changes in R80.10 management. Could it be that long / complex API queries / results somewhat clog up available resources on MDS/CMAs? We kind of noticed that every time I run some API scripts (non-Tufin) it had the same impact on SmartLog performance.


I know Tomer Sole you might want to say something as you love API


And don't get me wrong - I love both SmartLog and API, so I'm not whinging just want to hear others. I will keep digging