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Domain object is not working in R80.10 properly

Question asked by Jubish Ramakrishnan on Apr 4, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2018 by Kaspars Zibarts

Dear Team,


I have added domain object in a rule (non-fqdn) and it is not working properly in checkpoint R80.10

The requirement was for

As it was not working I have tried with fqdn as well and still, the issue is same.

Added domain objects for all related URLs (eg. etc.), but no luck.

Did reverse nslookup as well and added the obtained domains.

Traffic is not hitting the particular rule.

As per the clean-up rule drop, in the tracker, the traffic is trying to reach the IP address for O365 server and our domain object is not able to resolve that.

When we added a rule with O365 IP addresses, the traffic is passing via that rule.


We are facing similar issues with some other URLs as well.


Is it a known issue with R80.10? 

Is there any alternate methods or any dependencies for domain objects?