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Is it safe to clear old R77.30 directories after successfull upgrade to R80.10

Question asked by Marko Keca on Apr 3, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2018 by Marko Keca

Hello all,


I have successfully upgraded management server from R70.30 to R80.10 few months ago. Analyzing disk space on /var/log partition I have found old SmartLog and Smart Event/Reporter directories using lot of space. They haven't been updated since upgrade:


15G   /var/log/opt/CPSmartLog-R77/data
15G   /var/log/opt/CPSmartLog-R77
1.1G   /var/log/opt/CPrt-R77/events_db/data/pg_xlog

60G   /var/log/opt/CPrt-R77/events_db/data/base/16384
41G   /var/log/opt/CPrt-R77/events_db/data/base/16837
101G   /var/log/opt/CPrt-R77/events_db/data/base
102G   /var/log/opt/CPrt-R77/events_db/data
102G   /var/log/opt/CPrt-R77/events_db
102G   /var/log/opt/CPrt-R77


So my question is, are they safe to be deleted?

Thanks in advance!