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Sandblast Agent machines got rebooted automatically

Question asked by Arun R on Mar 30, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2018 by Arun R

Hi Team,


I recently implemented Endpoint Sandblast Agent for one of my client company where I have faced a challenge after installing Sandblast Agent.


Out of some client machines, few machines got rebooted automatically soon after installed sandblast Agent. 


There is no clue why it has rebooted so I decided to uninstall the Sandblast on one machine and though the machine was rebooted. I installed some third party Anti-VIrus(Norton antivirus)  and found some bugs on the client machine(which already exist on the machine). 


As soon as found the bug I removed and tried to installed SA(Sandblast Agent) once again and till now the machine is not rebooted. 


I am very surprised the way how the issue got fixed, I tried the same all problematic machines and all are fixed in the same manner. 


Note: Used Sandblast Agent blade: Forensic, Anti-ransomware, extraction and emulation.


Do anyone have an idea why sandblast Agent has not remediated the existing bugs on the client machine.