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Smart event custom report not migrated to new r80.10

Question asked by Mohd Hafizainizam Mohd Yusof on Mar 27, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2018 by Kfir Dadosh

Hi everyone,

Recently i have migrated from R77.20 to R80.10. I have migrated the smart event as well. The migration part on management server was successful, just some part of the smart event i believe was not completed. I have followed the instruction as per sk110173.

Here's the scenario. For example in old smart event, i have this custom report (refer image1.jpg), but i cant find it on the new management server R80.10. Is the custom report is not migrated by default? it is kind of difficult to create custom report  based on the old custom report that has been configured on old smart event, such as FTP usage by user, mobile access by user, destination etc.







Example of custom report

Example of new report