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How to store logs? Focus on time range instead of disk space.

Question asked by Oleg Khomutinin on Mar 26, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2018 by Oleg Khomutinin

Dear Check Point community.

I have requirements to store all logs no more than 3 month on log server, after this period all logs should automatically deleted. 

My infrastructure is distributed level and we are use 3 different servers (based on VMware solution):

Firewall 80.10

Management 80.10

Logging server (500 Gb, 16384 MB, 8 CPUc). 80.10

Logging server is responsible to store on their site all logs, but when I do configuration I can see that solution which provided by CP is focus on disk space configuration (see the pic). Maybe somebody already impenitent the same solution, can you please give me advice how is better to implement this solution? Thank you.