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Management with multiple external IPs

Question asked by Ulysses Almeida on Mar 22, 2018
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  Today I have my management in a private 172.16. network and it is hidden through NAT, configured on its object, behind a 4400 firewall.


  I also have two ISPs with two differents IP range. I want to configure fault tolerance between ISPs for my VPN infrastructure. But on tests I have made I realized every time ISP1 is out (the one which IP is configured to NAT management), my VPN connections stop work due to lack of CRL checks, once management IP is out.


  Considering I can't configure the management object to be hidden behind two differents IPs at the same time, I was wondering if is it safe to put the management connected directly to the Internet, than fully implementing fault tolerance between ISPs.


  If not, can you suggest any other alternatives to implement fault tolerance between ISPs?


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