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MTA configuration examples

Question asked by Adrian Bawn on Mar 19, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2018 by Calvin Townsend

Hi all, I have been looking around and I don't seem to be able to find a direct answer to my issue so I figure I will need to post the question.


Is there a suggested configuration for how to setup mail-flow through checkpoint gateways including TLS etc.


I am trying to find examples of full bi-directional mail-flow however most examples seem to only show configuration for inbound mail.  With the assumption that outbound mail is just delivered directly out from the internal mail server.  


My problem is this:  


The standard configuration i can find is that inbound mail flow is delivered via the MX for the domain to the MTA on the gateway, and then forwarded to the relevant internal mail server via the mail forwarding rules.  That part makes sense.  


   Internet > CP Gateway > Internal Mail server


However for outbound mail, if I configure my internal mail server to forward via the gateway, how does the gateway deal with mail not on a domain listed in the forwarding rules?    


I know you can configure a wildcard domain of "*" and specify a next hop, however what if you don't have a next hop?  Our mail server currently delivers directly via MX lookup.  There seems to be no explanation anywhere on how to configure that on CP.  Or is this just "default behavior"?