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Configuring 2FA with DynamycID in R77.30  - HTTP Post request to SMS Provider

Discussion created by Nicola Caddeo on Mar 13, 2018
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I'd like to configure the DynamicID authentication in SSL VPN in order to configure the 2FA in a R77.30 environment

I already configured the Mobile Access blade and I have already some native applications pubblished. Users are able to reach the portal and to log in by using the first factor.

Based on the documentatio, in order to configure the 2FA, i have to type the URL of my SMS provider in Authentication tab.

All variables of the request (credentials of SMS Provider, text of the message and cellphone) must be included int the URL. Ex:$USER&password=$PASSWORD&text=$TEXT&phone=$PHONE


Unfortuntately, the sms provider  that I'm trying to use, needs to receive the credentials in the HEADER or the request. For  this reason, I'm not able to configure it.


Do you know if it's possible to modify the Header of the HTTP POST call done by the Gateway when it tries to comunicate with the SMS Provider?

I only need to  add user and password.


Or is there a feasible alternative to interact with that SMS Provider?



Thanks for your attention.