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AB/AV updates by Active/Standby with difference database version

Question asked by Prabulingam N on Mar 8, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2018 by Prabulingam N

Dear All,


Have a query in Active/Standby firewalls for fetching AB/AV update from CheckPoint Cloud.


We could see the difference in update time on their databases for Anti-Virus or Anti-Bot updates between Active/Standby FWs.


Both Firewalls have good internet connectivity and "Update Malware database on Security Gateway" has scheduled as well.

Is it normal behavior or is there some criteria that Standby FW will get updates after Active FW completion or any preset sync time for fetching updates between the members apart from Scheduled times.


An attached screenshot has the difference in times or Database versions for AV.

Sometime we could also see the above difference for AB updates between Active & Standby members.


Any of clue will help me to understand.



Regards, Prabulingam.N