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Undocumented command to install policy on SMB unit

Discussion created by Günther W. Albrecht on Mar 6, 2018
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This is a follow-up after reading Yuri Slobodyanyuk's blog on IT Security and Networking. He speaks of changes to .def files like crypt.def (e.g. for VPN Fine-Tuning) that are made on the SMS and installed on GW by polixy install. Now, SMB units have that files - crypt.def can be found there in /pfrm2.0/config2/fw1/lib/ and in /pfrm2.0/opt/fw1/lib/crypt.def.


As locally managed SMB units have no policy install, he speaks about reboot that would activate the new settings, but also, a much easier way is available (he says "not listed in any Checkpoint documentation", but you can find it in sk97949, sk100278 and sk108274) by issuing:

[Expert]# fw_configload

Now i just ask myself if this has been tested not only with crypt.def, but also with the further config files (see my comment here). I assume that /pfrm2.0/config2/fw1/lib/crypt.def has to be changed, but is that true ?


And the sk100278 gives two commands:

[Expert]# fw_configload
[Expert]# sfwd_restart

The second one should be different to a reboot, but what does happen here? Following sk97638, sfwd is not only the "small" FWD, but the SMB Main GW process:

  • Logging
  • Policy installation
  • VPN negotiation
  • Identity Awareness enforcement
  • UserCheck enforcement
  • etc.

Start and stop are documented as:

[Expert]# $FWDIR/bin/cpwd_admin stop -name SFWD
[Expert]# $FWDIR/bin/cpwd_admin start -name SFWD -path $FWDIR/bin/fw -command "fw sfwd"

Following sk113090, we can also use:

[Expert]# sfwd_stop
[Expert]# sfwd_start

So the restart command will use the two commands above as we know from other parts of the CP CLI .