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Multi Entry point configuration(MEP) addition into existing primary and secondary tunnel

Question asked by Giridhar Sasidharan on Feb 27, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2018 by Giridhar Sasidharan

Multi Entry point (MEP) with externally managed gateways as central gateways in star community..



Please go through the attached diagram..

Existing Tunnels primary from FW A to FW C

Secondary from FW B to  FW C

Presently using NAT ips to connect through secondary tunnel..


As client segment size has increased to /16 and NAT cannot be done and due to internal WAN conflicts new FW D is placed.

Requirement is to add a new FW D and build MEP to externally managed gateways FWs A and B  which has existing tunnel to communicate with Client FW C..

A and B are externally managed Gateways.. Is this possible to do it using MEP till hub location fws A and B for failover and after that take the existing tunnel from fw A and B ..PFA Diagram..

Please share some thoughts if anybody done MEP.