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Policy verification failed

Question asked by Jack Prendergast on Feb 27, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2018 by Tomer Sole



I have policy install failures on all my gateways. 


Verification of policy from the security manager is failing.


Management and all gateways R80.10 with latest HFA. 


This has happened randomly. Nothing has changed recently.


Verification problems from install_policy.elg shows..


27/02/18 10:27:32,008 INFO al.LegacyPolicyLoader$PolicyLoadTask.doWork:175 [taskExecutor-27]: Completed to load legacy policy for product 'Threat'
27/02/18 10:27:45,203 ERROR al.PolicyLoaderTask.processExecutionErrors:105 [taskExecutor-29]: Execution for instance 3768cf4f-9242-4a5c-b491-951d0f1006fc had failed due to an execution exception
org.apache.commons.exec.ExecuteException: Process exited with an error: 1 (Exit value: 1)
at org.apache.commons.exec.DefaultExecutor.executeInt ernal(
at org.apache.commons.exec.DefaultExecutor.access$200 (
at org.apache.commons.exec.DefaultExecutor$
27/02/18 10:27:45,203 ERROR al.PolicyLoaderTask.processExecutionErrors:159 [taskExecutor-29]: All policy loading commands had failed due to execution exceptions
27/02/18 10:27:45,203 INFO al.PolicyLoaderTask.executeLoadCommands:184 [taskExecutor-29]: Loader executions completed
27/02/18 10:27:45,203 INFO al.PolicyLoaderTask.executeLoadCommands:204 [taskExecutor-29]: Command's full output:


There are no specifics SK articles for this, however I have tried moving mv $FWDIR/conf/last_dump.C $FWDIR/conf/last_dump.C.ORIG.


Any other suggestions?