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Missing Objects after SmartMove Script

Question asked by Travi1559ed09-50ec-4d31-b3a9-725b69034bfc on Feb 23, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2018 by Robert Decker

Hi. Trying to figure out how to find "missing" objects. While testing the SmartMove tool, ran the script files. They completed without issue but the objects didn't appear in the dashboard. Tried installing db same thing. Checked the Domain server with dbedit and the objects aren't there. Checked the MDS with dbedit and they weren't there either. If I try to create the objects again get an error stating the name/ip already exists. So trying to figure out a) how to get objects to appear in the dashboard b) determine where the objects are actually located The MDS is R80.10 and the objects were created with mgmt_cli add host command